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Intelligence Agency File Requests – Fractal Kitty Edition

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A couple of months ago I posted about the website They provide a handy form for generating requests to see whatever non-classified files various intelligence and policing agencies may have on you. I submitted requests to a number of agencies and have now gotten responses back. As promised, here are the results.

The most interesting thing that happened was that I sent six outgoing letters at once – five to different agencies, and my rent check. My rent check, for the first and only time in my rental history, arrived at the agency office more than a week late, without a postmark, and with a pen-drawn circle around the postage stamp.

Other than that, the responses are not terribly interesting – most agencies reported that they have no information on me, but if they did have information pertaining to an ongoing investigation, they would neither confirm nor deny the existence of such information. The NSA blew me off entirely, citing exemption from the disclosure rules I appealed to in my request.

I wasn’t just going to take their word for it, so I gave the various replies to my crack legal analyst for further evaluation. You may remember him from a previous post.

Fractal Kitty reviews my letter from NSA informing me that my FOIA request has been denied.

Fractal Kitty pores over the initial FBI response to my FOIA request, informing me that additional information is forthcoming.

Fractal Kitty reads the FBI’s denial they have files on me with arch skepticism, snorts, and makes a sarcastic observation.

Fractal Kitty has reviewed the DHS response to my FOIA request, and advises me to accept it at face value.

Fractal Kitty carefully evaluates my correspondence with the CIA. He says he thinks there are secret messages and warnings encoded in their boiler-plate response, and I’m not 100% sure that he’s joking.


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